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Expert Witness Fitness / Dave Parise CREDENTIALS

By March 8, 2017Blog

Dave Parise, CPT FPTA, is an expert in the field of Gym, Fitness center operations, personal training, and fitness education. Mr. Parise offers his expert opinion for not only for defense firms regarding toxic tort litigation, insurance defense, as well as the rights of the plaintiff and discovery of causation. Mr. Parise is currently President and Director of Education for Fit Pros Academy, a personal training school since 1999.  He is also is currently Owner and President of Results Plus Personal Training Center since 1986.  Additionally, Mr. Parise is an Academic Certified Approved Provider for the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and the National Federation of Personal Trainers (NFPT) under license provider number 540. Mr. Parise understands some members of gyms, and fitness centers file claims where the causation of injury was self inflicted. Dave Parise was presented The Hamden High School Distinguished Alumni Award on May 16th 2017, by the Hamden Education Foundation.  Additionally, Mr. Parise attended Dean College where he graduated with an Associate’s Degree in 1982 and studied exercise science, human performance and communication arts.  Over the past thirty years, Parise has studied, applied and currently teaches exercise science concentrating on bio-mechanics, joint relationships and safety standards encompassed with the analysis of exercise and movement, as well as the equipment used in physical training facilities.  Mr. Parise has also continued education through the IDEA Health and Fitness Association, the International Health, Racquet & Sports Club Association, IHRSA, Perform better Functional Training workshops, National Academy of Sports Medicine, and the National Foundation of Personal Trainers. Mr. Parise also concentrates in teaching and developing safe and effective ways to maintain safe application to the human body while exercising. Mr. Parise has been inducted into the National Fitness Hall of Fame in 2012, and was designated one of the Top 100 Personal Trainers in America in 2012. In addition to being selected as one of the most influential personal trainers of all time in 2012. #69 out of 100. Parise has created lesson plans for personal trainers worldwide in proper  training techniques.

Mr. Parise is an expert in all proper, customary and applicable personal training facility/industry standards, guidelines.  Parise states accepted practice mandates pre-activity screening(s) including an exercise readiness plan with formal reporting done prior to any hands on training. Parise notes screening is to take place prior to any individualized prescription, hands on assessment(s), workout regimen or recommendations for any initial participant in sports, or fitness.  Screening requires the use of a formal questionnaire along with medical history specific to any red flags, orthopedic concerns and any other relevant specific information prior to touching or hands on assessment. Mr. Parise states “you must  provide a competent, certified and/or qualified personal trainer in order to”personally train”  at said facility, and in fact, those who titled herself/ himself a “Certified Personal Trainer” sometimes fail to have any required skill, experience that issue certificates or certifications pertaining to personal training.  Further Mr. Parise will explain there are various programs where it is possible to purchase various titles relating to personal training, or sports coaching without actually receiving any adequate, competent, or proper training that is necessary to perform personal training, guidance, instruction, and/or assessment as a Certified Personal Trainer.

In this regard, Mr. Parise understands proper validation. Many credentials as a personal trainer are improper, without merit and do not certify anyone as a personal trainer. Many fitness trainers fail to properly receive certification and/or continue any education in order to qualify themselves to physically touch, assess and/or perform any hands-on training, or group training.   The American College of Sports Medicine, The American Council on Exercise and/or The National Strength and Conditioning Association which involve, and require more stringent testing policies. Mr. Parise states that working out or being in shape has no relevance to a qualified/certified professional.

Parise states that there is  a lack of safety, standard of care and/or any other necessary programs or policies in effect at some facilities,  which gave rise to this very unfortunate occurrence of harm/injuries that occur. The other side an overzealous member who uses equipment against the manufactures suggestion, or trainers recommendation can cause an injury.  This lack of proper training, monitoring, instruction, supervision and advice gave will lead to dangerous and unsuitable activity. It is simple to ensure proper safety protocol to avoid the occurrence of injuries. Parise says it’s a simple one day assessment to avoid future claims.

Dave Parise’s expert opinions are based upon his expert’s knowledge, 30- years owning a fitness center, training, independent studies, and experience in the fields of personal training, and physical fitness including his knowledge of anatomy of the human body. In addition to Parise’s education, post-graduate training, practice, experience and other appointments related to said field, he had owned and operated a school for trainers, as well as a private 5000 sq ft facility with over 200 employees over the past 30 years.

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