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There are many safe alternatives to accomplishing the same goal.


Most often fitness trainers, personal trainers, coaches will base their selection on personal experience. Many trainers get a weekend, open book certification. The certification may not be accredited, or recognized. Moreover if it was accredited, the test to become certified has no application in regards to hands on abilities. Some trainers have great book knowledge. Others have no certification, and are excellent trainers. However there is no room for negligent, overzealous trainers on my watch.

Some gyms and fitness centers, do not have proper signage. They fail to do pre-activity screening, health history, skip the medical past histories on said members to name a few. Most facilities obstruct walkways, have improper spacing between equipment which increase liability tremendously. A simple walk through can avoid a major injury to a member. Some facilities are over crowded at peak times, this too is a liability, especially in group training classes. Did you know there is a set number of people in a square yard. That number at arms length is 1 person. Most group class injuries result from improper spacing, faulty equipment, and lack of supervision. There also are many cases, claims that the causation is strictly on the member. Some members choose to do crazy exercises with too much load / resistance. They disregard all rules and common sense, and claim the injury self inflicted.




Lets hope we don’t meet any trainers, or gyms who disregard the health fitness standards and guidelines.

Dave Parise CPT FPTA