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A Greenwich physician’s lawyers claimed he suffered a stroke was caused by an excessive workout ordered by a personal trainer.
Gym, Trainer Ordered to Pay $14.5M for Client's Workout-Induced Stroke

A Greenwich physician has won a $14.5 million verdict against a Greenwich gym and personal trainer after he suffered a massive stroke that his lawyers claimed was caused by the trainer who was not properly trained.

A jury in state Superior Court in Stamford returned the verdict after a five-week civil trial that ended Feb. 23,according to the Connecticut Law Tribune.

The jury said the doctor was 25 percent at fault and after calculating other interest, lawyers for Dr. Chetan Vaid said the total award would be about $13 million, according to the report.

Vaid was a 42-year-old primary care physician in Greenwich in 2011 when he joined the Equinox gym in Greenwich. Vaid employed one of the gym’s personal trainers, identified as Joe Dominguez, to help with his workouts.

Vaid’s lawyer, Victorio de Toledo of Casper & de Toledo in Stamford, argued that Dominguez was not properly trained on how to help clients use the equipment, including a rowing machine.

Vaid also claimed that Dominguez set high settings on the machine and ordered him to perform other exercises which ultimately caused him to suffer a massive stroke. Following treatment at Westchester Medical Center, Vaid received therapy at Burke Rehabilitation Hospital and because he suffered brain damage, he was let go by his medical group, according to the Law Tribune.

Vaid sued Equinox for negligent training, supervision, and retaining Dominguez as a trainer, as well as Dominguez individually for negligence, according to the Law Tribune article that can be found here.