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Matthew B. Segal, Esq.

I hired Mr. Dave Parise as my expert witness in a personal injury matter where I represented a young man who was injured in a big box gym franchise. Dave’s expert report and trial testimony were invaluable to our success, and we set what is believed to be a record verdict for the specific type of injury involved. A major part of how this was achieved was because Dave was our expert witness in this gym injury, and that brought added credibility to our claim. Mr. Parise is not just a gym expert when it comes to gym safety protocols, Dave is THE expert in this field. His resume, experience, achievements, and personality while testifying all make him an expert that you must hire if you want to win any gym safety case. I would, and still do recommend Mr. Parise, to add credibility, and build the case.

Thank you, Dave Parise, on behalf of myself, my firm, and my client.

Matthew B. Segal, Esq.


950 Third Avenue, 11th Floor

New York, NY 10022

(P) (646) 810-3337