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Steven S. Farbman, P.A.

Words alone cannot describe how incredible Dave Parise is. He is not just an instructor, author, and leader in the fitness industry, but also passionate about the safety and well-being of all people who try to live a healthier life through personal fitness. I retained Dave to assist me in a lawsuit I had filed against an inexperienced trainer who had my client undergo a dangerous exercise maneuver resulting in her suffering a life-changing injury with resulting surgery. Dave worked tirelessly documenting the violations of the fitness and training standards and wrongs of this instructor and his fitness center.  His fee was more than fair for the hours he spent reviewing discoveries and conducting research.  I felt it was more important to Dave to expose the wrongdoing of the instructor and the dangers he posed to the fitness community than the expert fee charged.

I without hesitation recommend Dave as an expert witness as he is an individual who has dedicated his life to personal fitness and safety.