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Expert Witness for Injuries at Gym & Fitness Centers

I am an expert witness in fitness, gym and sports injuries.
– Dave Parise, CEO, FMFC LLC


Gym, Fitness & Recreational injuries are prevalent in today’s fitness industry, with more injury cases occurring every day.

For the last 25 years, I have been an expert witness in sports, fitness, and gym injuries for several compelling reasons. My extensive experience and in-depth understanding of the field enable me to provide an expert analysis, and a bulletproof report if requested.
I was CEO and owned my own fitness Center for 33 years. CEO of a personal training school. Academic Provider for the National Academy of Sports Medicine. As an ACADEMIC PROVIDER, I train personal trainers to safely facilitate fitness and exercise regimens and to ensure a well-developed understanding of the legal responsibilities accompanying operating as a fitness professional.
I have rigorous research skills. I bring a fact-based scientific approach to the cases that I handle, representing the plaintiff or the defendant. I’m impartial and through discovery, and my own independent discovery, I ensure a balanced perspective. I can also articulate complex information in a manner that’s easily understood by both legal teams and juries. I have a commitment to integrity and unbiased evidence-based opinions of the legal process.


Firms looking for an Expert Witness in Fitness Gym, and sports injuries may contact me Dave Parise for a free consultation. Please contact via Mobil cell at 203-675-5575 Messages are returned SAME DAY.

Dave Parise CEO
Expert Witness Fitness