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Expert Witness for Injuries at Gym & Fitness Centers

Dave Parise, a distinguished figure in the fitness industry, has served as an expert witness in fitness, gym, and sports injuries for over 20 years. Renowned for his impeccable and bulletproof reports, Parise has been a leader in the fitness field since 1987. As the founder and former President of Results Plus Personal Training Center for 32 years, he has made significant contributions to the industry.

License #540 from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (N.A.S.M.) designates Parise as a National Academic/Education Provider. He is also recognized by The National Federation of Personal Trainers (N.F.P.T.) as a National Education Provider. Parise’s influence extends to his role as an educator, having taught over 5,000 professionals through his nationally acclaimed School, Fit-Pro’s Academy, and its advanced training program, Fit-Pro’s Personal Training School.

Acknowledged as one of the Top 100 Trainers in the United States, Parise holds numerous advanced certifications from institutions such as the National Academy of Sports Medicine, American Council on Exercise, C.S.C.S., and R.T.S. level 1 and 2. His expertise is reflected in publications for prominent outlets like Status CT, Better Health Magazine, Men’s Fitness, I.D.E.A. Personal Trainer Magazine, The New York Times, and The Huffington Post. Notably, Parise has been featured in Connecticut Magazine, The New York Times, and Golf Digest, with appearances on WTNH-TV News 8 and the Fox Network.

In May 2012, Dave Parise was inducted into The National Fitness Hall of Fame, receiving an award for being one of America’s Top Personal Trainers, as voted by over 17,000 industry professionals. Ranked #20, he was honored for his significant influence on the fitness profession. Parise continued to make strides, becoming the Huffington Post’s “Exercise Critic/Analyst/Blogger” in May 2015 and launching Fix My Fitness Club in 2016 to educate and inspire fitness professionals and the general public.

Today, Dave Parise remains a prominent expert witness in fitness, gym, and sports-related injuries, offering professional services that ensure fairness to all parties involved. Additionally, he has innovated in the fitness industry by developing the Inertia Wave, a safe total body conditioning device with global recognition.

Published and Featured

Expert Witness Fitness-Dave Parise has been published in Status CTBetter Health MagazineMen’s FitnessI.D.E.A.Personal Trainer Magazine, and the New York Times. Dave’s two publications, “Certified vs. Qualified” and “Anatomical Profitability,” are changing the way trainers in the fitness space understand the body. Featured in Connecticut MagazineThe New York Times, and the Front Cover of Golf Digest, spotlighted on WTNH-TV News 8, Fox Network’s “Dave Parise’s Corporate Health Tip of the Week,” and “Wake Up Your Workout.”  (All links and references are available by request regards the above credentials)

Awards and Accolades

In May 2012, Expert Witness Fitness Dave Parise was inducted into The National Fitness Hall Of Fame as one of America’s Top Personal Trainers. Class of 2012. Out of 17,000 industry professionals, Mr. Parise was voted #20. The award was given by the President of The National Fitness Hall Of Fame. Parise was honored to be ranked as one of America’s most influential personal trainers of all time. As of May 2015, Parise was asked by the Huffington Post to be their Exercise Critic/Analyst/ Blogger. (All links and references are available by request regards the above credentials)

One Time Retainer Fee Below

I offer my Expert Witness Fitness opinion on the fitness center and gym injuries via landline previous to services rendered. I will be diligent, and precise during our resolutions/discovery. ONE-TIME PROFESSIONAL RETAINER.

  • $4500 One Time Retainer- (Up to 10 Depositions)
  • All Discovery, Medical reports, Research, Independent research, Preliminary reports, and Final reports.
  • $350 per hour Deposition – Time starts at travel.
  • Court – Trial $400 per hour includes travel within a 60-mile range from 06512
  • Trial- Travel fees outside of CT, MA, and NYC are $2500 per day. (CAP) Plus Air and Hotel.
  • Within CT, MA, and NYC $400 Per hour starts at the time of departure. Or $2500 per day (CAP)
  • Site Inspections Travel Expense only.

Retainer made payable to:
Dave Parise DBA (Fix My Fitness Club, LLC)

W-9 by request, please contact me.

(All links and references are available by request regards the above credentials)